About Dr Millie

Dr. Okor Millicent Chisom is a certified skincare expert, a medical doctor and an aspiring dermatologist, passionate about healthy care of the skin and formulating potent products to meet the needs of the skin. She is the founder of Misté skin  brand.


About Misté Skin

Misté skin care brand aims to provide potent and authentic skincare products inside and outside the country. The brand will apply the use of certain scientifically proven synergistic ingredients in the production of natural skincare formulas that’ll give adequate and complete skin treatments at a go, debunking skincare myths while educating customers and providing effective skincare products.

The Mission

To provide the world with trusted and effective skincare products and practices, by incorporating utmost care in the production and delivery of goods and services, putting each customer’s need first at all point.

The Vision

To be  an outstanding brand, leading the beauty and skincare industry to new dimensions with unique and effective skin and health products, formulas with compound actives in the right concentrations, introducing skincare innovations that will meet and surpass the needs of each and every client, producing results beyond expectations.

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