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A simple ebook about skin types , characteristics , tips for each skin type and much more 

About The Book

The first step in taking care of your skin is to figure out what kind it is. You should know how and why your skin behaves before choosing cleansers, moisturizers, or foundations. Most skin products are tailored for one of the types listed Do you know which one is yours? Find what this means for your skincare routine in this book

What’s inside


Basic types of skin


What skin type is mainly based on


An Individual's skin type


Skin types and what they are characterized by


Tips for different skin types


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About the author.

Dr. Okor Millicent Chisom is a certified skincare expert, a medical doctor and an aspiring dermatologist, passionate about healthy care of the skin and formulating potent products to meet the needs of the skin. She is the founder of Misté skin care brand.


She is passionate and dedicated to dispelling skin care myths and educating the public on skincare

Dr. Millicent , Chisom Okor

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