Pregnancy is a crucial period for both mother and unborn baby. it is usually a personalized and individual experience because while some women describe it as magical, others confess it can be a lot and overwhelming. Because it is also a period when a woman’s body would be raving with so many hormones, it may begin to manifest on the skin and as such, many women seek intervention. 


Dermatological conditions such as acne and hyperpigmentation are very common and are usually of great concern. The only difference in approach to treatment is understanding that as a pregnant woman, the unborn child is also put into consideration as products typically get absorbed into the skin and into the system, crossing the placenta to reach the baby. For this reason, extra care and caution are to be taken while choosing products so as to ensure the safety of mother and child.

Some skincare actives have been proven to be harmful to the fetus and should be avoided by pregnant women:

Chemical sunscreen
Benzoyl peroxide
Salicylic acid
Essential oils
Aluminum chloride

Whenever you’re trying to buy a product, or trying to treat a skin condition while pregnant, it’s important to look at the list of active ingredients to make sure none of these actives were used in making the product you intend buying.


It is very important to take note of these actives because they get absorbed by the skin, get into the system, and can cross the placenta and get to the fetus. When this happens, the toxicity of the actives affects the growth and development of the baby at different stages, and can lead to abnormalities and congenital defects. These ingredients should also be avoided immediately after giving birth, especially for breastfeeding mothers. It should only be continued when it poses no harm to the baby, which will be after pregnancy and lactation.

To protect the unborn baby and also care for the skin, as well as treat skin conditions associated with pregnancy, there are safe alternatives to explore. Due to the increase of hormonal levels during pregnancy, expectant mothers tend to experience dryness of skin, acne on the face and body, and a type of hyperpigmentation called melasma – where there are dark patches on the cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin. Some women also notice darkening of the abdomen which can also be of great concern. These issues are usually treated with actives that treat acne, stimulate collagen production, and actives that lighten the skin. But some of them (listed above), are harmful to use in pregnancy.

Here are safe alternatives to look out for in the products intended to tackle these skin conditions in pregnancy:

For hyperpigmentation;
Vitamin C
Lactic acid
Glycolic acid
Ferulic acid
Polyhydroxy acid (PHAs)
Mineral sunscreen (zinc oxide and titanium dioxide)

For acne/pimples;
Azelaic acid
Glycolic acid

For hydration;
Hyaluronic acid
Snail mucin
Aloe vera

At Misté Skin, our brightening essence serum contains Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Ferulic acid and is a safe treatment for hyperpigmentation during pregnancy and nursing. The Ultra hydration serum contains Hyaluronic acid, Aloe vera, Peptides and Ceramides, serving as a great moisturizing treatment for skin dryness or/and dehydration.

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